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Teladoc® – Quality Care with a Virtual Care Solution

Skip the trip to the waiting room! With Teladoc, you can talk with a doctor within an hour by phone(1) or video conference from anywhere in Canada or the U.S. A 2016 survey(2) revealed that 76 per cent of Canadians found it difficult to secure healthcare on evenings, weekends, and holidays. Employees will often have to take time off work to see their doctor, contributing to the billions of dollars in absenteeism costs to employers every year. It also has a direct impact on employee productivity.

Their other choice is to spend hours waiting in a clinic or an emergency room. Clearly, non-urgent family health issues being handled in acute care facilities are a burden on the healthcare system. Employers who provide care alternatives, like Teladoc telemedicine services, contribute to a solution for these challenges. Teladoc is the global leader in virtual care, operating in over 130 countries, and Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan® has enhanced its Extended Health options to include this valuable service. It enables employees to get in touch with a licensed physician by phone or video conference, usually within an hour, 24/7, anywhere in Canada or the United States.

Employees and their dependents can consult with a doctor on an array of non-urgent medical matters. Cold and flu, allergies, upper respiratory infections, pink eye and urinary tract infections are among the many conditions for which they can be diagnosed and prescribed medication, if necessary. And with a Chambers Plan Extended Health option, there’s no additional cost for the service. Chambers Plan is the first in Canada to provide Teladoc’s comprehensive virtual care solution that can help you reduce absenteeism and increase productivity in your company. And best of all, you give your employees convenient access to quality healthcare.

You can find more information about Teladoc through the Chambers Plan here.teladoc.ca

1 In Quebec, telemedicine services can only be provided by video conference. 2 The Commonwealth Fund 2016 “International Health Care System Profiles”