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Lawrence Hoar, Advisor

Who doesn’t want the best of all worlds? We do. And we guess you probably do too. That’s why we like having Lawrence on our team; we feel like we get the best of all worlds. What are we talking about? Read on…

Lawrence is that interesting mix of opposites. He grew up in a small town in Ontario, but lives in the city here in Vancouver. He’s kayaked in the Amazon, slept in hammocks and fished for Piranha, but enjoys simple days with his wife and young son at home. He’s youthful, but not young, and has a stack of diverse experience backing him up. He likes digging into contracts and paperwork, but is a physical guy who has worked as a personal trainer and knows that health really does matter. He has built his own successful business, but also knows the power of being part of a team – our team and yours.

Lawrence skis and golfs, cycles, plays hockey, volunteers and likes to fish to relax. But he also knows how to push. He has paved his own career, has earned the LLQP, has been awarded a Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan Territory because of his work, and has been recognized as a top performer in this area. He participates in Advocis (Canada’s professional association of financial advisors) and the Vancouver Board of Trade as an Official Ambassador, and continues to take on more.

He’s smart. He’s patient. And he likes to listen and understand before spouting off with an opinion. He naturally brings his ‘even keel’ approach to the turbulence that can sometimes show up in the benefits world. Lawrence really does bring the best of all worlds. We get to see it every day, and you’ll see it as you work with him.

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