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At Schmidt & Funk, we know a benefits plan designed to work for an accounting firm won’t work well for a retail pet store or a trucking company. That’s because every industry faces specific challenges and even different types of businesses within those industries have different needs and requirements. Individual benefit plans should reflect that. We can help you build a plan that meets the needs of both your employees and the industry requirements.

The Professional Services sector covers a wide range of businesses in several industries, including lawyers, accountants, engineers and architects. The level of service required often means those in this sector are highly skilled, well-educated individuals with specific training and specialized backgrounds.

Since this sector covers companies that can employ as few as three people (for example, an accounting office) or as many as 300 people (such as a law firm with multiple offices), each company’s insurance and group benefits plan must be designed according to the its current needs while still being flexible enough to allow for future growth.

Schmidt & Funk Advisors know businesses in this group face unique and specific challenges, among them being able to attract and retain quality employees while staying competitive in the market. Smaller businesses are often competing with larger corporations to fill similar positions that are pulling from the same talent pool. Having the ability to offer an attractive benefits package can help give those smaller companies an edge. At the same time, corporations may also be looking for solutions to other challenges they are facing, such as finding more advanced tax efficient models to help maximize their growth while minimizing risk.

If you belong to the Professional Services sector, no matter what size of company you own, you owe it to yourself and your employees to ensure that you have a comprehensive, competitive insurance and group benefits plan in place. Schmidt & Funk can help get you there.