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December 15, 2016

S+F Giving Back at Christmas

Last night, the team at S+F came together to serve dinner at Hangar 17, to the teenagers of the Youth Unlimited’s Art Addicts program. Shannon, Katelin, and Jessica set up a full taco bar with all the fixings and then served dessert to 45 people. The Mexican theme was completed with a Piñata. The kids were super appreciative and commented quite a few times about how good the food was.

Before dinner we played a Christmas Song Trivia game- Jess sang (beautifully, I might add) all the answers. Altogether, we were able to gift Youth Unlimited with over $1200 for the various things they need to run their programs and take care of the youth.

The staff at Youth Unlimited Langley are committed to going out and reaching youth in the places nobody else goes. They strategize in order to bring light to unreached people groups. Their strategy flows out of five words. Intersect. Invest. Intercede. Incubate. Inspire. Their goal is not to run programs, but to use programs as a tool to Intersect, Invest, Intercede, Incubate, and Inspire these kids. Once a tool is no longer necessary they drop it and move on to the next tool that will help them accomplish their true goals of reaching and impacting these hard to reach kids.

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