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September 15, 2009

Schmidt & Funk meets Trevor Linden

This afternoon several of the team members from Schmidt & Funk Financial got to sit down for lunch with the incredible former Canuck, Trevor Linden. The Surrey Board of Trade held a luncheon at Eaglequest Golf Course with Trevor as the host.

He opened by joking that he didn’t like to refer to himself as ‘retired’ but instead ‘unemployed.’ #16 shared about what it was to be a leader on the ice and how that translates into business and daily life. He answered many questions from the crowd. One person asked him if he had ever considered going into Canadian politics. He politely responded that he definitely wouldn’t. To see a clip of his response click here.

We were fortunate to get a few autographs from him and a picture. Trevor was very genuine, friendly, and inspiring and we really enjoyed the lunch.