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December 22, 2009

Returning to Colima

Part of the team at Schmidt & Funk returned to Hogar de Amor Y Protección al Niño, an orphanage in Colima, Mexico. This year we ran a Children’s Camp, we included themes like Super Hero Day, Rainbow and Color Day and Teddy Bear Picnic Day. The kids had an awesome time learning, participating in different sporting events and trying new snacks.

We also had a team of people working on painting the kid’s bedrooms. We transformed them from plain to beautiful and bright. Each room had a different theme and the kid’s eyes lit up when they saw them for the first time.

The highlight for the kids would probably have been when we took them to McDonalds. The play place was brand new and almost three stories high. They played for an hour or so before each child got their own happy meal. They were so thrilled.

Hogar de Amor Y Protección al Niño is a ministry to children at risk that was started by the church “Grupo Amor” in Colima, Mexico in January of 1992. From the first home which was initiated by renting half of a house from one of the church members, while they themselves moved into the other half, the ministry now has 10 homes in three different states as well as a “Formation home” for women. The ministry cares for over 150 children from newborn to whatever level of education the child in care aspires to, providing that they are living in accordance with the standards of the home.

The majority of our children are not true orphans in the sense that their parents are no longer living, but rather that they are children at risk who need protection from abandonment, neglect, abuse and poverty. Many of our children arrive very emotionally damaged as a result of the situation that they have been rescued from.

This is a very special place and is dear to our hearts at Schmidt & Funk. The kids are loved and treated by the staff as though they are their own children.

Watch a Slideshow of our trip here.