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Retail & Wholesale

At Schmidt & Funk, we know a benefits plan designed to work for an accounting firm won’t work well for a retail pet store or a trucking company. That’s because every industry faces specific challenges and even different types of businesses within those industries have different needs and requirements. Individual benefit plans should reflect that. We can help you build a plan that meets the needs of both your employees and the industry requirements.

While some might think that insurance and group benefit plans for the retail and wholesale sector could be achieved using a simple, one-size-fits-all approach, the fact is this group requires a solid understanding of the many industries that are included. This understanding also needs to be supported by a corresponding level of detail and insight.

Several factors must be considered, among them the number of employees at each business along with the specific industry that the business serves. There are some unique challenges as well: customer profiles change on a regular basis and customer service requirements can also be an issue. Employee retention and high turnover in this industry add another layer of complexity.

Schmidt & Funk knows all these challenges must be considered when building out insurance and benefit plans in the retail and wholesale sector. We’ll help you determine the best coverage for your company, based on individual needs and requirements. A benefits plan that’s structured specifically for your company can go a long way in helping address customer retention and loyalty issues while ensuring adequate coverage of the physical and mental health of your employees.

Let one of our experienced Advisors work with you to design a plan built to meet your company’s individual needs while also providing customized solutions to the unique challenges facing the Retail & Wholesale sector.