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At Schmidt & Funk, we know a benefits plan designed to work for an accounting firm won’t work well for a retail pet store or a trucking company. That’s because every industry faces specific challenges and even different types of businesses within those industries have different needs and requirements. Individual benefit plans should reflect that. We can help you build a plan that meets the needs of both your employees and the industry requirements.

Of the four main sectors that we serve, Schmidt & Funk has found that companies involved in Health & Wellness are often more progressive and proactive when it comes to their customized insurance and group benefits plans for their employees – perhaps as a result of the industries that are represented, such as fitness facilities and health services (for example, doctors, care aides and massage therapists).

Customizing an insurance or group benefits plan for this sector requires a solid understanding of all the different businesses that fall into it as well as the various factors affecting each business. We know that those who work in fitness facilities may often want a different kind of coverage than those who work in care homes. Schmidt & Funk Advisors have also found that companies included in the Health & Wellness sector are usually looking for preventative coverage, since they are often placed in positions where there is risk of personal injury because of their occupation.

At the same time, this is a group that will pursue and investigate options regarding lifestyle benefits to help them achieve a better work/life balance. For example, it’s not unusual for this sector to request the inclusion of a Health Spending Account which allows for personal, discretionary spending on a variety of health-related services such as vision care or massage therapy.

Our knowledge and expertise, combined with our numerous benefit plan options, means Schmidt & Funk is ideally positioned as a leading service provider to help companies in this sector build an insurance and group benefits plan that’s structured specifically to meet individual needs and requirements.