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Construction & Manufacturing

At Schmidt & Funk, we know a benefits plan designed to work for an accounting firm won’t work well for a retail pet store or a trucking company. That’s because every industry faces specific challenges and even different types of businesses within those industries have different needs and requirements. Individual benefit plans should reflect that. We can help you build a plan that meets the needs of both your employees and the industry requirements.

This sector typically includes companies whose employees are often placed in high-risk situations, where the risk of personal injury or even death is significantly increased when compared with other sectors. It’s also not uncommon to see a high rate of staff turnover along with a higher rate of seasonal employment. As well, companies in this group are often unable to devote sufficient time to the planning, development and implementation of a well-designed, comprehensive insurance and benefits plan.

Such plans require in-depth, technical knowledge and application of not just industry requirements, but also medical, legal and financial requirements as well. Schmidt & Funk knows there are several factors in this sector that must be considered when customizing a plan – factors that may not necessarily be a priority for other companies in other sectors. Those factors could include things like claims turnaround time, sustainability and comparative cost analysis.

At Schmidt & Funk, our Advisors will work with your company to help determine which coverage will be best for you and your employees. We’ll provide tactical direction on your plan’s design, choice of carrier and alternative funding options. We know it’s important to structure a plan that’s both financially sustainable for you while also remaining attractive to your employees.